As you may notice, I've got a lot in my mind,
but will find time for your projects if you need me.

14 Years as designer

I'm not getting older, i'm getting wiser.

Everyone needs style

But style is nothing without a good content
and structure.


I’m a digital designer
with roots in graphic design

Some designers say they love pixels, I love communication and solving problems. If at the same time i can use my artistic skills and deliver beautiful work… I’m a happy man





Graphic Design


Art direction


"He is an artist focused on design, able to draw by hand and do beautiful layouts and frameworks. He is technically very able, works freely in several platforms and with several tools, is capable of discussing the project technically with anybody. He is a hard worker, never says no to a challenge..."

− José Manuel dos Santos, managed André at Innovagency

"André is one of the most creative designers I've worked with. He is very hardworking and dedicated professional. A valuable asset in any team!"

− Susana Vilaça, worked directly with André at Wingman

"Andre and I worked together at BLUG (www.blug.pt). As a designer, he proved to be reliable, organized, and capable of developing and delivering a fresh and well balanced work, either working in a team or individually."

− Nuno Magro, worked directly with André at Blug